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Okay, I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated the ol’ writing page, but I’ve been hard at work on getting the final manuscript edits of debut short story collection, “How To Carry Bigfoot Home” off to my publisher, Red Hen. Happy to report that’s done and the book release is now a year away! Been getting some terrific blurbs from some of my favorite authors, can’t wait to see them on the back of the book, and to hold the book, and to love the book, etc.

So, yeah, a year is still a ways away, but I’ll be over here (at the site) more and more as the release gets closer. As most of you probably know, the life of a book starts way before it comes out, and I figure the promotion engine will start ramping up in about June or July. Can’t wait.

In the mean time, I’ve been working on a novel about a Steve Jobs type character with OCD. Got 50,000 words in and then cut like 30,000. It’s the kind of things that happen when you’re just throwing the words out there and seeing which way the sun is going to shine. Psyched things are moving along on it. Hope to have a rough draft by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted because we have kid #2 showing up here any day now, and that’s probably going to curtail the word count, and the bass playing count, and pretty much every count that’s out there.

I’ve got some new writing out there!

Yes, it’s true, I’ve quietly been publishing a story here, a story there. The latest is an essay called “The Good Man” in one of Canada’s best-known journals, Grain Magazine. It’s print only. If you’re interested in reading it you can pick up the magazine at any major Canadian bookstore or order it here.

I was asked to write an awesome movie review on a fake movie (of my own invention) for the super-cool magazine Trop. The review is pretty inside baseball, but if you were a fan of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, then head over and read my review of the (fake) Joss Whedon remake of one of the worst movies ever made, Manos: The Hands of Fate.

A few other pieces coming out here and there. One of the stories from my coming collection is appearing in OnSpec, another amazing Canadian literary journal. Not sure when, but it should be soon.

Okay, that’s the update for now. Got to get back on baby watch! Happy reading and writing everyone.


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Chris TarryChris Tarry is a four-time Juno Award winning musician and a writer. His debut collection of short fiction, “How To Carry Bigfoot Home,” is out now from Red Hen Press (March 2015). He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with his wife Michelle, daughter Chloe, and son Lucas. Connect with Chris on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.View all posts by Chris Tarry

  1. Jason Murray
    Jason Murray02-13-2014

    Hey Chris, just stumbled onto your blog. My name is Jason Murray and I’m sitting in a Calgary coffee shop today working on my writing portfolio, hell bent on being accepted into the UBC Optional Res MFA program. I’m a 40 year old bassist, French Immersion Teacher, drummer, wannabe guitar player, writer and pug owner. Really liked your blog and just wanted to drop a line. I’ve just finished a poetry correspondence program from Humber College, where you work one on one with a professional author. I also did the same thing this time last year with a fiction writer. I’m also submitting 20 pages or so of non-fiction writing in my portfolio for the September 2014 deadline. My wife is a teacher and artist and very supportive but might not understand my love/obsession with writing/music and my obsession with making this portfolio as strong as it can be. I like the connection with writing and music, it gets into you.

    Any advice, comments, pre-application words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Jim Slominski
    Jim Slominski03-07-2014

    Hahaha! Brilliant! Just read your fake movie review. I’m a big fan of both Joss Whedon and MST3K so that blog really hit home. As a matter of fact each Sunday my family gets together and watches an episode of MST3K just to sharpen our wits against those wonderful innocently-bad movies. It’s our little ritual, being big fans of anything B. We’re moving through the archives chronologically and just beginning Season 4. We’ll have to fast track ahead to Manos and probably watch it this Sunday. Thanks for my laugh of the day!

    I’ll also take a look for the current issue of Grain. i used to subscribe to it and Fiddlehead, back in the days when I was looking for anything by Don McKay and his pieces were showing up in those publications quite often. Happy to see you writing again. Looking forward to more posts.

    • Chris Tarry
      Chris Tarry03-07-2014

      Love that you got the humor! It’s pretty “inside baseball” but I had fun writing it.

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