Rest of the Story

Released in 2011, this Juno Award winning CD & book combo is a small chapbook of short fiction (three stories) and a CD of contemporary jazz compositions. The book won many design, writing, and music awards around the world, including a 2012 Juno Award for Best Album Design. The album also grabbed a Juno Award nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year. The book & CD combo has since sold out, but is available in digital format here.

For years, Chris Tarry has been known as one of the world’s most sought-after electric bass players. He is also a prolific writer, and his fiction and nonfiction has appeared in internationally recognized literary journals and magazines. This album brings together his love of music with his passion for writing in a stunning 100 page chapbook. A project that explores the shape of words and how those words suggest shape in music, writing, and composition.

“This is an album first and a book second,” the jacket cover reads. “Though, if you wish to consider it as both, that would be okay too. Because it is, in fact, what I intended from the start. An attempt to bring my writing and music together. To have them coexist as one. So seemingly different these two disciplines. Yet, at their core, for me, lies the art of composition, structure and creativity. A narrative running through the center of both, that when working well, speaks to the wondrous stories inside all of us.”

Rest of the Story, is one of the most strikingly original packages ever to pair written word with written note. Story melds Tarry’s engaging, first-person fables with his nuanced, through-composed contemporary jazz… – Bass Player Magazine

You have to buy Rest of the Story to understand how awesome the concept and how impeccably it is executed. – Roxanne Gay, HTML Giant

The thoughtfulness of Tarry’s work finds its echo in every aspect of the book. – The Inspiration Room