Two Weeks in the Life of a New Album

Two Weeks in the Life of a New Album

It’s been a wonderful first few weeks in the life of Chris’ new album Rest of the Story. First the various design blogs went crazy after pictures of the album (designed by the totally awesome Jeff Harrison at Rethink Canada) surfaced. Tweets were tweeted and faces-were-booked while everyone in CT Headquarters held their breath and watched as the whole thing went kind of viral. Which, for a jazz CD is a very good thing, to go viral. DesignWorkLife was the first on the scene, and then things just kind of took off from there. Which is a good thing for a jazz CD, to take off.

Chris Tarry - Rest Of The Story

In Chicago, on the fiftieth floor of the eighty-five story offices of Nineteen Eight Records (the only place from which this new Chris Tarry CD is available), 19/8 Records CEO and General President Guy, Anthony Mollinario, was overheard yelling at his roughly ten-thousand subordinates:If this Tarry person makes me walk to the mailbox one more time, I quit!

Then the literary sites took notice. Two of the biggest, HTMLGiant and The Rumpus called saying they needed to chat to this Chris Tarry dude immediately, needed to find out what this book that was also a CD thing was all about. So we located Chris (who’d taken refuge inside a mountain cave, the same cave previously reserved for the hiding of the helicopter from the long-dead TV series Airwolf), and put them in touch. You can read what they chatted about here: HTMLGiant interviews Chris Tarry. The Rumpus interviews Chris Tarry.

After that, the reviews of the music started trickling in. The first to get his mitts into the sonic pie was Canada’s own Peter Hum at The Ottawa Citizen (and we say mitts, because, well, he’s Canadian and most definitely (probably) owns mitts). Here’s a quote: Rest of the Story is imaginative, energetic and vivid, deftly crafted by musicians who transcend pigeonholes to simply be expressive and personal.

And then Kerry Doole over at Exclaim Magazine: Not your average jazz CD, this one…this superb effort deserves wide recognition. And Kerry was kind enough to plug the writing that appears in the book: Tarry proves himself a fluent wordsmith via stories that are imaginative and haunting.

From there Jeff Harrison hooked up with the amazing team over at Chairman Ting (who might have the coolest name we’ve ever heard), and they made a video of the new album in all its glory. And it is in agreement here at CT Headquarters that this video is a much better video than Chris’ really bad, and hastily prepared, video put together for the release a few weeks ago. So we suggest you run (click) on over and watch it.

And then YouTube called (it doesn’t sound anything like you’d except on the phone) to tell us that the crazy-obsessed CT Fan Adam Stevens had quietly slipped though security during the band’s free afternoon clinic at Humber College this past week. Before the video camera could be pulled from Adam’s cold tazered hands, these three videos were posted. Scroll, Rest of the Story, Jump The Shark.

There were a few other things that happened over the first few weeks of Chris’ new album Rest of the Story, and they too were unexpected. But, Chris only paid us for one day of coverage because he figured, like most jazz musicians figure, that there would only be one day of coverage for the new release, two tops. If there were two days of coverage (which he promised there most certainly wouldn’t be), he would simply buy everyone at CT Headquarters a couple of hamburgers to help make up the difference, perhaps a Star Wars action figure or two. Needless to say, this was not sufficient.

So, while we work out our contractual arrangement with Chris, we leave you with another bit of news, Calculating Stan Walderman, one of the four stories that appear in the book section of Chris’ new album, Rest of the Story, took 2nd place in Freefall Magazine’s Annual Prose and Poetry contest.

Chris Tarry's SquirrelsCongrats Chris!

Now pay up!

Seriously, The Chris Tarry Team of very intelligent (and hard working) squirrels. From left to right: Tim Squirrel, Stanley Squirrel, Ron T. Squirrel & Hugh Squirrel (no relation)

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