Remember To Have Fun

A lot of times we get so caught up in learning our instrument, we forget the reason we started playing in the first place. For most of us, we started playing because it was fun. I went through a long period of time in my thirties where playing music became a job, and I lost sight of why I enjoyed playing bass in the first place.

So, a few years ago, I set out to regain that love, to reclaim the fun. I started by joining a few bands (that didn’t pay that well). Bands where I enjoyed the music on a level that helped me focus on committing to a group and developing a sound (not too different from my early days playing with my friends in my parents basement). I wanted to get back to that feeling, the thought that my mother could stomp on the kitchen floor at any moment and tell us to be quiet.

I was surprised when this decision started to lead to more work (and better paying work) in musical genres that I’d never really considered. I got an amazing country gig. Rock tours started to come in, and I found more studio work because of my outlook on music had changed. I was having fun and others could sense it. I wasn’t so worried about what I was playing, but how I was playing it and from where in my heart the music was being felt. I was more fun to be around, and others could sense it.

So, remember to have fun! It’s why we started in the first place. Laugh at yourself, screw up and smile. You’ll probably find your bass playing will improve in powerful ways. And you’ll have more fun doing it.

Just to keep us honest. This is the kind of love I want you to have in your heart when you play. If I could only bottle this kind of excitement!

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Chris TarryChris Tarry is a four-time Juno Award winning musician and a writer. His debut collection of short fiction, “How To Carry Bigfoot Home,” is out now from Red Hen Press (March 2015). He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with his wife Michelle, daughter Chloe, and son Lucas. Connect with Chris on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.View all posts by Chris Tarry

  1. Mollerup

    Hey Chris,
    Thanks for this. The early part of the year is often slow, gig-wise, so it’s a perfect time for this kind of reflection. Definitely giving some thought to having more fun with music as things get busier!

    • Chris Tarry
      Chris Tarry02-06-2013

      Hey LM! Great to hear from ya, and yes, me too, more fun is at the top of the list in 2013!

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