• How To Carry Bigfoot Home, debut short story collection, Red Hen Press, forthcoming March 2015.
  • Rest of the Story, chapbook of short fiction & CD combo, 19/8 Records, 2010 (Sold out. Digital copy of book and CD available here).
  • The Bass Player’s Companion, a bass guitar instructional book, Maximum Publishing, 2000.


  • Topics in Advanced Rocketry, short story in, Invaders, 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature, an anthology featuring Juno Diaz, Jonathan Lethem, Steven Millhauser, and George Saunders. Tachyon Publications, July 2016.
  • Lento, Largo, Grave, essay in, How To Expect What You’re Not Expecting. Touchwood Editions, Fall 2013.
  • How To Get Back To The John Muir Trail, essay in Whereabouts: Stepping Out of Place, An Outside in Literary & Travel Magazine Anthology, Fall 2013.


  • Blackhawk Clown, script/comedy piece, MAD Magazine, issue #537, Nov 2015.
  • How To Carry Bigfoot Home, The Animated Trailer, Funny or Die. Debut, Austin Short Film Festival, August 2015.
  • Sad Vader, The Weight of an Empire. Live-action web series featuring Darth Vader as an unhappy Brooklyn hipster, 2013.

Literary Magazines

  • “City Hall Pair-Bonding Study,” short story, Fiction Advocate, March 2015.
  • “Lonely Fish,” short story, Sou’ Wester Literary Journal, Fall 2015.
  • “Manös! Joss Whedon Remakes The Worst Movie Ever Made. And It Doesn’t Suck,” a fake movie, a fake review, Trop Magazine, Winter 2014.
  • “The Good Man,” essay, Grain Magazine, Winter 2014.
  • “Nennorluk Goes Down Deep,” short story, OnSpec Literary Magazine, spring 2014.
  • “Paint Your Children Red,” short story, Terminus Magazine, Winter 2014.
  • “My Bass is a Jedi Master,” essay, Medium, Summer 2013.
  • “Dairy Barn Angel,” short story, Sixfold Literary Magazine, Summer 2013.
  • “Here Be Dragons,” short story (Pushcart nominated), Bull Men’s Fiction, Fall 2012.
  • “How To Get Back To The John Muir Trail,” essay, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, 2013.
  • “The Instructions,” short story, The NewerYork, June 2012.
  • “Love Story,” short story, The Literary Review, VOL. 54 | NO. 04
  • “Calculating Stan Walderman, short story, Freefall Magazine, Volume XXI Number 1, Spring/Summer 2011. Prose Contest Winner.
  • “Hideous Beast,” short story, Monkeybicycle, 2011
  • “Hole,” short story, PANK Magazine, 2010.
  • “Rusty Greenfield of 568 Berry Grove Road,” short story, Metazen, 2010.
  • “Jenny, Jenn, and January,” short story, Metazen, 2010.
  • “The Incident Involving Javier’s Grandmother,” short story, The Used Furniture Review, Fall 2010.
  • “The Cardboard Ship,” short story, Paradign Literary Magazine, 2010.
  • “The Monster Business,” short story, The G.W. Review, 2010.
  • “Plug In,” short story, The Northville Review, 2010.
  • “The Day Gary Needleman Jumped,” short story, The Drunken Boat, 2010.
  • “City Hall,” short story, Defenestration Magazine, 2010.
  • “Inquiry Into The Submission,” short story, Opium Magazine, 2010.

Selected Interviews and Conversations

Other Writing