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Playing With Records

Check out this cool video of Marta Altesa playing along with a Jamiroquai tune. This is what I mean when I say play-along with records. Check it out, the length of her notes, the sound, the tune, it’s all there! When learning a song off a recording, figure out what the bass player who played on the track had for breakfast that morning. In other words, it’s all about the tiny details!

Also, check out how relaxed she is. Again, we can learn a lot from just seeing how someone internalizes time.


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  1. Blaine Fallis
    Blaine Fallis07-03-2013

    very cool. I played with a guy in Houston David Ray for a long while and many of his tunes were cut in Nashville using Joeie Canaday on bass.

    listening to his tracks repeatedly and playing along over and over changed my playing. I had never thought to play bass quite like Joeie before. I think really turning yourself over to the playing style of another good player you admire helps take you out of your own habits good and bad and opens up other approaches. Plus you can only listen to Jaco so many times, but for other gigs it helps to listen to commercial players.

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