Chris Tarry is a five-time Juno award winner (the Canadian Grammy) and one of New York's most sought-after bass players. He has performed with some of the top acts in the world and is a mainstay on the New York jazz scene.


Chris is also a Peabody award finalist, and the author of the story collection, "How To Carry Bigfoot Home" (Red Hen Press, March 2015). He holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia. His fiction, non-fiction, and various screenplays have been published widely.


Chris is also a busy producer. He has developed and produced hundreds of different types of projects. From albums to animated films, radio plays, and podcasts. He is an expert in sound design and Pro Tools, and has a super-cool home studio where he edits things together and sets music to everything under the sun.

Chris Tarry is an five-time Juno award winning musician and a Peabody award nominated writer and producer. His book of short stories, How To Carry Bigfoot Home (Red Hen Press, March 2015), won the IndieFab book of the year for short fiction, and has been widely praised as one of the best short story collections of 2015. He is one of New York’s most in-demand bass players, has produced countless award-winning albums, written short films, developed successful podcasts, and excels in sound design and digital editing. He is the co-creator and sound architect behind the ground-breaking kids podcast, Mars Patel, and is currently at work on a novel, various screenplays, and composing music for everything under the sun.


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