Chris Tarry How To Carry Bigfoot Home

Guest Appearance on OtherPPL with Brad Listi

This past week I was a guest on what I think is the best literary podcast around, Brad Listi’s Otherppl. We talked about writing, my book, and music. I mention a few friends and influences in Roy Kesey, Henry Hey, and Dan Weiss. Then we talk about Supertramp, and Miles Davis, and come to an agreement on The Grateful Dead. We sneak parenthood in there too, because Jesus, today my kid refused to put on his shoes and I had to carry him into daycare commando style. Check it out, Brad’s show is truly great.

Listen to the podcast here!


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Chris TarryChris Tarry is a four-time Juno Award winning musician and a writer. His debut collection of short fiction, “How To Carry Bigfoot Home,” is out now from Red Hen Press (March 2015). He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with his wife Michelle, daughter Chloe, and son Lucas. Connect with Chris on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.View all posts by Chris Tarry

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