Chris Tarry Group Albums

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Rest Of The Story

Rest Of The Story (2011)

Multiple Juno-award-winner Chris Tarry has already won over jazz fans throughout the world with his composition and bass playing. Now, in an ambitious new effort, he shows us that his talents extend to the literary. Chris has quietly been publishing fiction in some of the most respected literary journals in North America. With this fantastic new release, he brings together his music and his writing skills in the form of a beautiful 100 page book-bound CD.

Rest of the Story is one of the most strikingly original packages ever to pair written word with written note. – Bass Player Magazine

Almost Certainly Dreaming

Almost Certainly Dreaming (2008)

Almost Certainly Dreaming won a Juno Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album in 2008. Considered one of the strongest modern jazz albums of its time, the global success of ACD helped introduce Chris and the band to music fans around the world.

Almost Certainly Dreaming finds bassist Chris Tarry’s quintet in electrifyingly tight form! – Downbeat Magazine

Chris Tarry Group - Live at the Birdseyeshadow

Live At The Bird’s Eye (2008)

Recorded live at the Bird’s Eye in Basel, Switzerland, this release captures the Chris Tarry Group at the pinnacle of their 2008 European tour. With Dan Weiss (drums), Kelly Jefferson (saxophone), Pete McCann (guitar), and Henry Hey (piano), this award-winning quintet has become one of the most distinguished jazz groups touring today. Tracks include Merry Go Round, Radio Princess, Happy For Most, Unlikely UFO, Yeah Guys, and McCann Can Blues.

These are some of the best young guys making the NYC scene what it is and the playing here is through the roof. A whole-hearted 3 thumbs up! – Bass Musician Magazine

Sorry To Be Strange

Sorry to be Strange (2006)

Sorry to be Strange was the debut album with Tarry’s New York band, and captures the group’s inescapable energy. The album received critical acclaim and helped develop the Chris Tarry Group sound that would become the inspiration for all the albums that came after it.

Tarry’s excellent American debut Sorry to be Strange is a resonant, single-minded bit of contemporary jazz. – Four Stars, Downbeat Magazine

Project 33

Project 33 (2002)

Released in 2002 this album features the great percussionist Mino Cinelu (Sting, Weather Report, Miles Davis), Toronto Saxophonist Kelly Jefferson, Vancouver pianist Chris Gestrin, programmer Jesse Zubot, and Chris, exploring the electronica side of jazz composition.

With the fusion of acoustic and synthetic groove, Project 33 makes us hope that Chris Tarry reaches project 233. – All About Jazz

Of Battles

Of Battles Unknown Mysteries (2001)

This large ensemble album features some of the best musicians from across Canada. With this album, Chris wrote music that specifically featured some of his favorite Canadian musicians he’d been working with as a sideman on various other projects. The album took years to put together, working around everyones schedules and finding locations was difficult, but with the struggles came one of Chris’ most revered albums of his career. Of Battles was nominated for a Juno Award in 2001, and is a great opportunity to check out some of Chris’ writing for a larger group!

…but the best source for insight about Tarry’s musicality is his striking new CD Of Battles Unknown Mysteries! – Vancouver Courier


Sevyn (1996)

The popularity of The Chris Tarry Group started to grow after the success of the first two albums. Chris continued to tour the band and develop the sound within a guitar trio format. At the end of 1997 they recorded the album you see here, Sevyn, and it quickly became the most successfull of Chris’ early trio recordings.

Chris and co. delve into dramatics not touched upon by your average jazz band, or trio…it’s one of the better Edisons still testing the lights today. – All About Jazz


Unition (1995)

After the success of Chris’ first recording Groups Project, it was time to take a band out on the road. That first album was eclectic, and featured a few different bands, as the title suggests.

Chris chose the guitar trio format with Vancouver guitarist Steve Fisk and his future Metalwood cohort Ian Froman on drums. This turn towards the guitar trio format cemented what would be the sound of the Chris Tarry Group over the next two albums. When the band returned from its first tour in early 1995, the album, Unition was recorded, and it quickly established the Chris Tarry Group as one of the premiere jazz groups in North America.

Group Project

Groups Project (1994)

This was the album that started it all. Chris had just returned to Canada from studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, settling in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. He quickly gained a foot-hold in the scene as one of the cities new and exciting bass players, and it wasn’t long before he set out on making his first album back on Canadian soil.

Groups Project was that record; it featured many of Chris’ friends from the Boston days, and a few new ones, among which the great saxophonist Tommy Smith. Chris still calls this album one of his favorites.