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  • The Squirrels Reflect on Another Great Week

    To say all of us squirrels went nuts would be quite an understatement! And by nuts we mean the crazy, happy, holy shit, kind of nuts (not the real nuts we had to let Jerry in Legal go for last week after it became apparent …

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  • Herman is nuts, and other CT updates

    Another CT Update brought to you by the staff of highly intelligent squirrels who work at CT headquarters.
    Kenneth the I.T. guy comes into my office, his little squirrel paws flailing above his head, screaming something about how he didn’t mean to do it, that it …

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  • Two Weeks in the Life of a New Album

    Two Weeks in the Life of a New Album
    It’s been a wonderful first few weeks in the life of Chris’ new album Rest of the Story. First the various design blogs went crazy after pictures of the album (designed by the totally awesome Jeff Harrison …

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