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  • Ending

    It’s All In How You End

    Last night I played a gig and had a bit of an epiphany. Now, I’m pretty old and have been playing a long time, so as you can imagine, I get excited when I have epiphanies. They mean that I’m still learning, still listening. They …

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  • Kahan Record Player 646

    Playing With Records

    Check out this cool video of Marta Altesa playing along with a Jamiroquai tune. This is what I mean when I say play-along with records. Check it out, the length of her notes, the sound, the tune, it’s all there! When learning a song off …

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  • Circadian Rhythm Labeled

    The Reality of Rhythm

    I tend to be the kind of guy who listens to songs over-and-over, especially when I’m really into a tune. When I say over-and-over, I mean like twenty times/day over-and-over at the expense of listening to anything else. So the other day, I was out …

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  • Bass Chord

    Let’s Talk About Bass Chords

    How to play bass chords is something I get asked about a lot, so I figured I’d do a blog post on the subject. I hope you’ll enjoy this lesson, and if you haven’t done so already, be sure to sign up for your free …

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  • Clock

    Internal Time

    I know I’m always going on about time feel here at the site, but what can I say? I think it’s pretty damn important. Check out Richard Bona, he’s a really cool bass player here in New York that does some pretty unique stuff (sings …

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