Bass In The Studio

I have to admit, I’ve become a little perplexed when it comes to what constitutes a good bass sound in the studio these days (see attached hysterical photo). Some of you who are members of my lesson site will be familiar with the video I shot on a recent session that shows how I set up my sound when recording. I keep it pretty simple. A good sounding direct box (Radial J48, $199). I try not to use compression, as I find that really shrinks the bass sound.

Once plugged into the direct box, I try and go straight to tape (or into the computer) without too much in-between. I’ve often found that if I try and EQ things too much (before getting the sound to tape), it can really make the bass sound suffer in the mix process. Better to EQ afterwards and plug in as “flat” as possible. There’s a lot of different theories, a lot of people swear by tubes, others swear by a ton of outboard gear. Whichever you choose, it’s probably a good idea to keep this funny picture in mind.

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