New Baby Feet

Baby Lucas!

20140228-214619.jpgIt was a wonderful Valentine’s day here in the Tarry household. Our son Lucas was born. Mom, Daddy CT, and big sis Chloe couldn’t be more proud!

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Chris TarryChris Tarry is a four-time Juno Award winning musician and a writer. His debut collection of short fiction, “How To Carry Bigfoot Home,” is out now from Red Hen Press (March 2015). He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with his wife Michelle, daughter Chloe, and son Lucas. Connect with Chris on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.View all posts by Chris Tarry

  1. Francis

    Hey! Great news! I won’t congratulate you, as I know first hand that any idiot can produce great kids, but I’m glad for you all that everything went well!

    On another note… perhaps wait 2 or 3 weeks but… I would ask Lucas to upload all of the lessons vids to Youtube (with a link to CTL) The increase in the number of donations may pay for his schooling, instruments, booze, etc.



    PS: you don’t have to approve this post! ;)

    • Chris Tarry
      Chris Tarry03-07-2014

      Thanks man! Yeah, I keep meaning to post the vids to YouTube but there always seems to be one more diaper to change. Hope you’re well!

  2. Jim Slominski
    Jim Slominski03-07-2014

    Congratulations! Just beautiful! Send my warm regards to your family. All the best.

  3. Eric Brewington
    Eric Brewington04-04-2014

    Hi Chris,

    I am new to your site but I wanted to say congrats to you and your family. My son Henry turns 3 this year and oddly enough he is the reason I moved from trumpet to bass! You can practice with headphones!

    Seriously – congrats!


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